1. Find Your Rate

Use our Trip Calculator to see how much your ride will cost, whether you’re booking a one-time ride or a recurring ride. One-time rides must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance.

Everything is included with no hidden cost or fees!

2. Request Your Ride

Select one of our three flexible ride options to save you time. Caregivers can request either one-time rides, recurring ride slots or multi-family rides.

Complete our enrollment forms to request availability.

(Note: Availability may be limited during high volume hours.)

3. Confirm Your Details

Upon approval of your ride request, confirm the details of your trip on the app, and prepare your passenger with the information they need (pick-up location, driver name, picture, etc.).

We encourage you to supply our team with any info

or details the driver may need regarding their passenger...

We want to ensure the trip is as enjoyable as possible.

So feel free to share personality traits, music preferences, etc!


Know Before You Go

  1. Download our mobile app available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  2. Create an account.
  3. One-Time Ride Reservations must be made 24 hours before pick-up time.
  4. Personal Courier Profile picture will be available once your ride is assigned.
  5. We value all of our customer’s time and ask that our Personal Couriers wait no longer than 5 minutes so we can service everyone throughout the day. In the event passengers are late beyond the allotted time there is an additional $5 waiting fee.
  6. A Non-Refundable Recurring Ride Slots Registration Fee of $50 is billed on first invoice before services are rendered.
  7. Customers are BILLED every week for Recurring Ride Slots Reservations with NO EXEMPTIONS at any time for school closings due to holidays, enrichment programs, inclement weather, company professional development training, sick days, and for any requested cancellations from clients other than specified by Drivley. Learn more here.
  8. Recurring Ride Slot Reservation invoices are billed to clients weekly from Paypal on Friday with a due date of Sunday before services are rendered.
  9. Late fee of $15 will be applied for all invoices paid after due date or specified from Drivley.
  10. We know mistakes happen and in case of major spills there is a $50 cleaning fee.
  11. Payments are processed via Paypal (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) information. (Cash Payments are not allowed)